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Elopement Beach Wedding at Misty Cliffs


Anna & Christian


Misty Cliffs Beach, Scarborough, Cape Town

About the day

It was on a visit to Cape Town that Anna and Christian decided to tie the knot on their most special beach at Misty Cliffs.

They decided to rent a beautiful beach house at The Point in Kommetjie where they spent the days leading up to the wedding, leisurely preparing for their ceremony with close friends and their adorable 14-month-old daughter.

What we loved the most about this elopement wedding?  It must be the setting.  Misty Cliffs Beach, on the Atlantic Ocean, is known to be wild, windy, mysterious and almost always covered in mist, unlike other Cape Town beaches.  This mysterious beach with its massive waves, offers a truly special experience, far away from the crowded beaches closer to the city.  It’s almost like having a forgotten piece of Africa all to yourself.  On the day of Anna and Christian’s wedding, the mist and wind stayed away and the skies opened to welcome this extra special gathering.  A second favourite was the surprise vintage “JUST MARRIED” Mercedes with clanging tins on a string which was waiting for them to drive back to Kommetjie!

Thanks to Hayley and Brandon from The Kitchen Culture who prepared and served an unforgettable personalised dinner at the Kommetjie accommodation to complete the celebrations!

Thank you to Justin, Cecilia, Nico and Andred who each added their unique touch and helped us execute this elopement with ease and so much joy!  Scroll down to see our dream-team.

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7 Reasons to have an Elopement Wedding in Cape Town

There is something magical and completely romantic about elopement weddings.

We know that for some couples an elopement would just not cut it. What about the big celebration, the wedding planning journey, the gathering of loved ones and dancing until the sun comes up? It is a once in a lifetime experience and of course you would want to share it with everyone that is special to you.

We have planned and witnessed a few elopement weddings in Cape Town as well as other smaller celebrations. Every time, at these more intimate gatherings, we see couples savoring every moment, connect and talk to each other and all their guests (if any).  They have more time and budget for an elaborate gourmet menu, those fantastic award winning wines they love, their favourite photographer, hand written notes, personalized gifts and their dream honeymoon. There is a shift to what comes after, not only what happens on the day.

We are also witnessing a change in  priorities at the moment. Although there will always be a place for large celebrations, some clients prefer a smaller gathering.

Here’s why:

  • You don’t have to decide who makes the guest list and who not.  This solves complicated and awkward family situations immediately.
  • You have enough budget to get married and enjoy a fantastic honeymoon.  No compromises.
  • You can say ‘I do’ in the most exotic places and do it on your terms.  No expectations and traditions to adhere to.
  • You don’t have the stress of planning a wedding, sometimes in another country, taking everyone’s needs and preferences into account.
  • You can plan an elopement wedding in a very short time. Fancy getting married next month on a beach in Africa?
  • Many venues and wedding planners in South Africa offer special elopement wedding packages and go out of their way to treat you like royalty.
  • Your wedding can be as relaxed or formal as you want it to be.  From barefoot on the beach to adorned in your dream dress in a five star hotel  – it’s all possible.

What are you waiting for?

We would love to hear from you to discuss any of the options above. Please CONTACT US for all our package and pricing details.

Image:  Justine and Simone Photography